Amazing what a little cleaning will do...

Last night I opened my case for the first time in years diagnosing an odd noise I recently started hearing when the CPU would be more active (turns out it's coil whine from the PSU) and I noticed the CPU heatsink fans had dust absolutely CAKED inside them. And I mean caked. 6.5 years worth of dust. bigsmile.gif

So, intending to clean it out today, I measured my core temps at idle and after 1:30 of Prime95, and they were 40C and 45C for core #1 and #2 respectively at idle, and 82 & 82 under load (the temps would keep going higher if I ran the test longer gasp.gif).

I then took my PC outside, blew out the inside of it (everything else had tons of dust on/in it too, so there was tons of dust blowing around), brought it back in, and the new temps were:

31 & 35 at idle, and 54 & 58 under load. That is a 24C difference. Put in superior US-measuring system terms: whereas before it would climb to 180F and beyond, now it only goes to about 136F. HOLY CRAP! gasp.gif

My CPU fan has always been loud and it's kinda been driving me nuts. It's the stock one and it makes this kind of buzzing, motor-y sound that's more than just the sound of airflow. Thanks to the lower temps, while it's still loud (and I bought a new HSF that should be unnoticeable noise-wise, and also make me feel better about potentially OCing to 4GHz) it's so much quieter since the auto fan speed thingy of the mobo isn't running them at speeds that are nearly as high.

So when's the last time YOU opened the side of your computer case and got rid of all that dust? giggle.gif
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