Amazing what a little cleaning will do...

Last night I opened my case for the first time in years diagnosing an odd noise I recently started hearing when the CPU would be more active (turns out it's coil whine from the PSU) and I noticed the CPU heatsink fans had dust absolutely CAKED inside them. And I mean caked. 6.5 years worth of dust. bigsmile.gif

So, intending to clean it out today, I measured my core temps at idle and after 1:30 of Prime95, and they were 40C and 45C for core #1 and #2 respectively at idle, and 82 & 82 under load (the temps would keep going higher if I ran the test longer gasp.gif).

I then took my PC outside, blew out the inside of it (everything else had tons of dust on/in it too, so there was tons of dust blowing around), brought it back in, and the new temps were:

31 & 35 at idle, and 54 & 58 under load. That is a 24C difference. Put in superior US-measuring system terms: whereas before it would climb to 180F and beyond, now it only goes to about 136F. HOLY CRAP! gasp.gif

My CPU fan has always been loud and it's kinda been driving me nuts. It's the stock one and it makes this kind of buzzing, motor-y sound that's more than just the sound of airflow. Thanks to the lower temps, while it's still loud (and I bought a new HSF that should be unnoticeable noise-wise, and also make me feel better about potentially OCing to 4GHz) it's so much quieter since the auto fan speed thingy of the mobo isn't running them at speeds that are nearly as high.

So when's the last time YOU opened the side of your computer case and got rid of all that dust? giggle.gif


  • I haven't cleaned mine since I replaced the GPU, maybe two years ago. Talking about GPUs, it looks like prices have gone way up if you could find one in stock. The mining craze has people hoarding GPUs.
  • Damn, just noticed cng's post I was replying to was from 2016 lol. Cng are you still there?
  • Haha. bigsmile.gif Hey dude! Long time no talk to! smile.gif I'm still here, I check this place every couple of months / weeks, depending. I was actually thinking about making a thread about AIM being shut down for good when it happened about a month ago, but never got around to it; maybe I'll do that in a bit.

    How've you been? Often times when I see a biker or someone operating or talking about a drone/quad it makes me think of you. giggle.gif
  • Cngevpxhaqrefpber said:

    and also make me feel better about potentially OCing to 4GHz

    I didn't get to 4GHz but I OC'd a nice amount, about 600MHz or so? I forget exactly, but it was running stable for darn near exactly a year, until about 2 months ago when I booted it up and it just went into an infinite reboot sequence. I switched the PSU off for a bit, then turned it back on, and it said it had to load the failsafe defaults due to a voltage/frequency issue or something. I reset back to the OC'd settings that had been working for all that time, then restarted, and... infinite reboots again! sad.gif So I'm back to running stock again. Oh well, my SSD makes things much more bearable than they were for many years, so, it's all good, although I am kind of due for an upgrade, it's been 8 years now. gasp.gif Perhaps I'll wait until I see how this whole Meltdown/Spectre thing gets solved on the hardware. Who knows, I might even get an AMD CPU for the first time in my life. gasp.gifgiggle.gif
  • cyclo said:

    I haven't cleaned mine since I replaced the GPU, maybe two years ago. Talking about GPUs, it looks like prices have gone way up if you could find one in stock. The mining craze has people hoarding GPUs.

    I've been hearing that too! And apparently people are able to sell their used ones for several hundred more than they originally bought them for. Are you into any of the crypto-currency stuff? I envy the people who got into it way back in the mid-00s whose Bitcoin they purchased for a couple bucks is now worth an ungodly amount. sad.gif But, at least I'm not that guy who had a ton from back in the day which is worth millions now, but he accidentally threw the drive they were on away and the local government won't let him dig up the landfill to try to find the drives. Now THAT has gotta eat at you. yuck.gif
  • Glad to hear you're still alive and well! I am still riding and flying my helis. I just built a PC for the son of a colleague of mine late last year. He was able to get the parts just before videocard prices started getting crazy. The rig was amazingingly fast and I was thinking of building one myself as my current PC is getting really long in the tooth... As I was making the list of parts the price of GPUs started getting out of hand. Long story short, I will have to live with my current PC for at least another 6 months to one year or until this mining bubble bursts. The new PC components make for incredible fast PCs! m.2 NVMe drives (much faster than SATA SSDs), hexacore CPU, 1070-1080 class nVidia cards, and all the RGB LED bling goodness on motherboards and cases.

    Nope I was not able to join the crypto bandwagon... unfortunately. Not really sure where things are headed with regards to it. All I know is that this cryptocurrency/blockchain craze appear to require a huge amount of energy to get going... Not sure how this can be sustainable in the long run.

    The blockchain/crypto does seem very intriguing though... You kind of wonder since it (crypto/blockchain) appears to threaten a lot of established industries and institutions. Just like malls, Sears, regular brick and mortar stores that are being eliminated by Amazon and online retailers, you kind of wonder what will happen in the next 5 years if this crypto/blockchain keeps going... Also Machine Learning and AI which are now the current buzzwords you always hear about if you are in IT/Computers.

    What will people end up doing if all the jobs are being automated? lol. If they (corporation/government) are going to pay me to stay home, or ride my bike, or fly my helis instead of go to work I have no problem!
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