Anybody still here?

Just dropped by to say hi! It has been a while since I last visited this site... Everyone now have smartphones, Cloud computing is taking over, PCs no longer seem to be the center of the universe for computing. I still intend to build a PC by the end of this year as my workhorse is getting too long in the tooth... 10 years old and still running Windows 7 which will no longer be supported by MS by next year.


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    Hey Cyclo! I'm still here. I check in every now and then. (Don't worry, I'm aware the site needs some work :0, I just haven't gotten around to it yet :halo:) Sorry it took so long to see this post! I still think about you all every once in a while. :) Hope you're doing well! Enjoying your quads?

    Funny you're about to upgrade your PC... I just finally upgraded mine after 9 years! I started sorta wanting to upgrade a couple years ago but I didn't feel like spending the money, so about 2 years ago I switched to an SSD, which made me happy for a while. Then a year or so ago I added 4GB more RAM to bring the total to 8GB, which also helped a bit. But the past several months I've just been like NOPE I'm tired of all this lag, time to upgrade! I went with AMD for the first time in my life (waited a bit for Ryzen 3 to come out) and I'm very happy, though still SLIGHTLY guilty for not staying Intel but what'reya gonna do.

    I did decide to upgrade to Win10 a couple years ago when they realllly wanted me to, and I don't regret it personally. Although right now I'm having an issue where after the latest update it's only allowing me to sign in via a PIN and not my old password because of something I must've done. Annoying.

    So weird how PCs are no longer the hot thing though isn't it? Except in the gaming community that is. Speaking of smartphones (screw smartphone culture btw, I'm tired of it. I miss the 90s/very early / mid 00s internet culture, bring it back please), that's something I desperately need to upgrade as well. Pro tip, if you're faced with the difficult decision of going with a 16GB iPhone, or a 32GB for just $50 more... GO WITH THE EXTRA STORAGE YA DUMMY IT'S NOT WORTH THE SAVINGS!!! :crying: :bigsmile: 8) ::)

    Only thing that sucks is that the new iPhones these past couple years are so huge! (And no 3.5mm headphone jack either. :( :knockout:) I want something that can be used with one hand like my SE and the 6/6s/7 style phones. That size is super non-cumbersome. I'd keep my current phone but I'm constantly having to delete and reinstall apps to make room for photos and videos, and the battery is starting to last not quite as long as I'd like. And while I could just buy a great condition / open box iPhone from a couple generations ago, like maybe an 8, I dunno, I kinda want the latest and greatest. I also really like the idea of almost no screen borders, and also FaceID - TouchID is great but all too often I'm having to enter my PIN because it doesn't work. Hmm...

    And yes I'm very aware of the irony in my "screw smartphone culture" comment prior to my going on and on about what smartphone I wanna get to replace my current one. :bigsmile: :halo:

  • My quad is gathering dust lol... Mostly flying helis nowadays (more fun) and at a flying club since folks now frown upon you when you fly these things on a public park.

    I made a list of parts I wanted to put into the new PC on newegg... I am thinking of pulling the trigger come Black Friday. My 10 year old PC running Windows 7 still works but I have been prompted by MS that Win 7 will not be receiving patches starting next year. I have replaced the video card twice and all the hard drives on this PC. I do run an image backup from time to time which is why I am able to resurrect the PC everytime a component breaks. The motherboard (Gigabyte), CPU (Intel), PSU (Corsair) and RAM chips (Corsair) are still original.

    I am still more of a PC person than a smartphone one as I use the PC more in a typical day. I still prefer surfing on PCs as well along with using the traditional keyboard mouse combo. I also use the PC for RC helicopter Simming. The smartphone does have advantages... I mostly use apps like spotify to stream music while on the go. I stream music to an Anker Soundbooth bluetooth speaker which is on my backpack or on one of the bottle holders on the bike frame (when using the road bike). Listening using the bluetooth speaker while riding the bike is so much safer than using earphones. The sound also serves as a bell to warn others when you are riding on the trails.

    Phone cameras have also taken a big leap forward that I seldom use my DSLR anymore. I agree with the suggestion of getting as much memory as you can afford especially when buying an iPhone. My old iPhone 6 had 16GB memory and that was a pain even with Cloud storage. I upgraded to an XR late last year with 128GB and that was a major leap in capability, battery life and extra storage space. It is bigger and heavier though but the bigger screen, better battery life, better camera and extra storage are worth it IMHO.

    Not sure if linking works now but on the next post I will link a video of a flight a friend did on his nitro powered heli a month or so ago.
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    This is a Synergy 556 (556mm diameter blade) powered by a nitro engine flown by a flying buddy of mine at the Markham Helicopter club...
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    Somebody e-mail Pakistan and tell them we need a reboot.
  • It's the stupid forum software, avoid HTML and graphic emojis for now. Sorry boys, I spent a while on it back when I originally made the post but couldn't figure it out. And with nobody showing up really, I lost the motivation to pursue any further. Looks like it'll take me another couple hours minimum for a fix, so when I find some free time (heh) I'll try and tackle it for good. Check back every once in a while. Hope everyone is well!

    Also ManOfGod I just got your password reset request which is what brought me here. The email send failed because apparently your old email doesn't exist anymore? Create a new account and PM me your new email address and then you should be able to reset it.
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