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  • I think the payment for the service from cops and courts would be difficult to establish before hand. When you buy the food you want, you pick up the item and you pay for it. If you are being burglarized, it would be difficult to order up a cop who will collect the evidence that you'll need along with catching the burglar and decide how much you will pay for the service, etc.

    Unless every situation that can occur has a pre-approved price tag that you (verbally) agree upon, it will be hard to get the cop to come out to your house as it is being burglarized. Yeah, taxes are un-necessary as long as you don't need the services that they pay for. If you are in need, you can call 911 and get whatever services, helicopters, fire-fighters that are ready to do their job. There would be a lot of negotiation needed if each situation required contracts to be signed before the job gets started. Taxes pay for a system to deal with all situations.

    Am I making a clear distinction here? It would be great if every required cop or fireman would just hand you the bill after he came out and fixed your disturbance. It would be great if we just individually accepted the cost that was incurred by having some bad luck. Taxes spread the cost over the population as a whole in order to divide the cost of keeping the population safe.

    I suppose you could just go to the South Pole or buy an island to avoid paying taxes.
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    I think your assumption of an already existing free market is the issue. I think that implementing an economy that would work without political controls would be difficult for the whole country - probably, the whole world. Many are watching our Democratic Republic. They would like to see what happens as the only super-power left on the planet falls apart.

    It would be really great to transition into something better. It's difficult to get all the details worked out. The Constitution could use some modern upgrades. But, I'm not ready to just drop it and let the free market be our guide.
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  • Hydrogen Peroxide works well too. Drop it in the ear, hear the fizz, bubble, pop.. flush with water from a big syringe. Repeat as needed until the chunks come out.

    Messy, to say the least.
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