My marathon experience.

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Well, 3 more days I will have ran my first marathon. I am hoping for a 3:05 or faster but we will see. I will even post pictures afterwords if I get any.
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    I ran a Bay to Breakers once when I met an Art teacher and started running with her. It was my first long race - 12 Km. It took forever. But I did finish it. It was a real endorphin rush. It can become an addiction. But, I guess it beats the unhealthy things. More power to ya MOG.
  • One year in high school, oh so many years ago, we had a mandatory Presidents Fitness Marine physical test, one part of which was a two mile run. Me, the two fat kids, and the other cripple kid crossed the finish line at a brisk 18 minutes.... eating donuts and drinking chocolate milk from the bakery across the street from school.

    Running has never been a forte here.

  • I ran a mile once, in 3rd grade. I forget exactly how long it took me, but I think it was somewhere around 12 minutes.
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    My asthmatic high school sophomore is required to do a mile in 10 minutes. He has to puff the Albuterol and pace himself just right. His time is getting better. He made the time once last year. But, he comes home wasted when they do the running. Then, he's got the 3 hours of homework. I'm hoping that he builds up a bit (105 lbs and 5'10")by doing this. He's also studying to be the Dungeon Master next Saturday. He certainly stays busy.
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  • MoG I wish you all the best!
  • NCLB is just evil - it was one of the nice things about going to a private school, testing scores were not the focus of the work.

    Cng - my chem teacher says that we should put in 3 extra hours of work per credit hour per week.
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  • He's running a marathon. I think that's 3 hours he's hoping for.

    I'd sure like to run that 3 minute mile. I think it was a major event when they broke the 4 minute mile - it was a while ago - before steroids.
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  • Well, all I can say is I finished it. However, I managed to hit a wall around mile 16 and slowed down after that. I ran the first 10 at 1:10 and was comfortable with it.

    I was ready 3 weeks ago but for some reason, my body did not do what I know it can do. Oh well, I will have pictures to post soon. (Ended up with a 3:48:55.)
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  • White rice, chicken and pizza. :) (Not all on the same day usually but spread out for the week prior to the race.)

    Thank you.
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  • Congrats on a respectable finish Joe.

    Is this the first and last or are there more marathons in your future?
  • I figure on running at least 1 per year or so. The weird thing was I think I was under trained as far as the long runs go. I am going to need to run a few more 20 to 22 milers than I did this year.

    I actually had to walk a bit of the last 8 miles unfortunately. My quads were burning, my back was stiff and sore. Also, my shoulders got stiff and my hands got numb. Everything was more or less fine up until my 16 or so then it fell apart.

    I had a bunch of 16 to 18 mile long runs but only one 20 miler. I felt great in that 20 miler 3 weeks before the marathon but I was not used to though.
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