How Did I Do That?

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    Fuck yes, why not? I do not have to swear, but i do not feel inhibited here. I am positive I have offended people much more with my opinions than I have with my motherfuckin language. And if that isn't the case for anyone, then they are just fuckin nuts!

    Freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom is as much about endurance as it is expression.

    You never knew the range of my vocabulary because our vocabulary was censored.

    Fuck is a word that is central to the cultural clash of the 60s and 70s. It means anything and everything and marks your territory. It can be used to replace any word, it can be put in between any words, it can describe itself, "it was just fuckin fucked, really fucked up!"

    It was the word we couldn't say so we said it five times a sentence. We were anarchists you know.
  • Actually words can hurt deeply and permanently. Especially when used by an adult to punish a child. But that is because those "adults" are really fucked up!
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