I tried registering cpuforums.com, but that was taken. Then I tried cpuforums.net. Also taken.

THEN I tried cpuforum.com (no s). Taken. Then cpuforum.net. Guess what? Taken! :-D

I think the .org is a bit weird but it's better than .us or .info. Heh. Anyway you'll probably be able to access this site with the URL http://www.cpuforums.org sometime tomorrow, the DNS settings still haven't updated completely yet.


  • It is up and running for me.
  • Yeah, up and running for me too now.

    We need some smileys here, I'll see if I can add a smiley bar (like the one that was at CPU forums) at the bottom of this comment box later today.
  • Thoughts on moderators? You are obviously the administrator. May be a good time to try your free market rules.
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  • We are self policing. No harm to another's person or property. Though we can't do that physically here, we can overstep some boundaries in word. And, unless the offended party complains, no action need be taken.

    For example, if I own 10 acres and suddenly I have a squatter on my property, it is up to me if anything should be done about said squatter and not up to my neighbour.

    If any post is regarding a group, then the group would have to come together and seek "justice".
  • Remember when we got raided by the pictures of mirrored teenagers? It took a lot to get him banned from the forum. I remember Freddy having to get Houston University involved. Just thought I'd say hello without any pictures or smiley's. It does make the forum more picturesque. But it also takes work and figuring out how to get it done just so. I'm not sure that that's so important to make a point. But Art is beauty. Beauty is what the beholder beholds. I'll figure out how to post a picture if I can't do it with words.
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  • Oh yeah, Dick Dick Dick Dick--for Christ's sake, its a name, a word AND a man's organ of reproduction and liquid elimination.

    Now let's all remind ourselves that everything we write here is permanent. Just because we can use any combinations of letters and words we like does not mean it is a wise thang.
  • I'm for google indexing us. I think this is a very small group of people who have been together for quite a long time because of CPU magazine's support. We'll be needing something to keep the interest of ourselves along with newbies. Google sending us people will definitely help.
    I'd suggest Facebook or Twitter to those who are paranoid about being found out. I don't think the CIA is gonna be looking too hard at us even if we say some Islamic word or misspell terrorific. What is there to hide? Don't we want more people to participate in the forum?
  • Yes it's amazing how times/things change... on one hand you have the proliferation of forums, blogs, social media sites, etc., where a person can express one's opinions. OTH it has actually become more difficult, even dangerous because those opinions can be used against you (when travelling across borders, looking for employment, applying for insurance, etc.).

    So we are back to a square one... technology has gone full circle and is now being used against us. The internet has become a giant data warehouse which could be data mined by corporations/governments.
  • After Bourne showed how our government agencies can abuse the technology there have been lots of people thinking about how to use the data to benefit them. It's starting to be like the radar cop and the radar cop detector boxes. We'll find ways to keep the data miners out with different firewalls and layers of servers. The dirty cop stories, Mission Impossible, Caprica, Galactica, all have data processing being used as a tool to take someone down. It's another one of those bells that can't be unrung. We'll just have to learn how to develop safer ways to communicate. Remember "Too Many Secrets" in "Sneakers?"
    Encription and passwords are like car keys in the big parking lot in the sky. I still don't lock my car - even when I'm in a dangerous area. Of course I don't have an expensive car to interest the crook either. I never worry about scratching the paint. It always gets me there and gets 33 MPH to boot.
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