Fallen & Can't Get Up

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I was sitting on my chair in a less than optimal position and my legs went to sleep and I fell over when I went to get up!

Is this a sign of a more serious condition?


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  • That less than optimal position is the first suspect.
    I bet you don't get your legs falling asleep after taking a walk.
    You might cut off circulation by restricting blood flow by sitting
    on a vein or artery.

    Balance is sometimes upset by standing up too quickly.

    Do any drinking before this happened?
  • Holly shit, I have a condition with a Latin name, must be bad, really bad.

    Should I see a doctor or maybe even talk to one?

    By the way, I got a sliver in the tip of my middle finger on my right hand.
    I got it out, but it hurt. And now I'm afraid it will get infected with
    that Latin venous thing, shit!
  • The number one cause of death is life.
  • I was out yesterday. It seemed like there were enough people about.

    Let um eat pills! Big Pharma Phorever!
  • Fresh food is the best source. But, in Winter, those fresh foods aren't from here. They may have been frozen or sprayed with wax to keep them fresher longer. So, sometimes the vitamins are more usable when taken in pill form.

    I really hate Pharma. They are taking us all to the cleaners by just yearly increasing the prices way more than inflation.
    You can find Canadian Pharmacies that will have an Indian Pharmacy drop-ship what you need to your house.
    It's worked for me in the past and I got the same pills at less than half-price.
    I like Netrition.com for vitamins in the US.

    I grow a lot of stuff in the garden, too.
  • How about Linus Pauling and high dosage of Vitamin C to keep you healthy? I wonder if vitamin supplements have not been in major studies
    because Pharma might not want to give anyone ideas about how else to stay healthy. The supplements are generally cheap. They use anecdotal
    info - like ancient Chinese medicines.

    I know that Chromium Picolinate and Borage Oil keeps my Diabetes under better control. There have been major double-blind tests about those two items.
    I just have more of a flywheel if I take that stuff. If I run out and miss taking either one, my sugar control gets visibly worse.
  • Regarding high blood pressure, you might wanna look into apple cider vinegar and garlic, I have read that those two things can help with that.
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    No matter how many pills you take or do not take,
    no matter what you eat or don't eat,
    no matter what you drink or do not drink,
    the struggle always ends in death.
    And when you die, how long you lived
    and what you did will mean nothing to the consciousness that stopped living in your body
    when the brain cells died. You will not look down from the clouds and watch your family.
    You no longer exist. Your subjective version of reality is subtracted from the social realities you inhabited.
    There will be no emotional states of being; no joy,
    no peace, no regrets, no yearning to be. Everything about us
    exists in the interplay of impulses in our neural network.
    When those neurons die there is no being. Drives erased permanently.

    Now the religious and/or spiritual believe the "soul" lives on. That the soul somehow is not dependent on the brain. Does dementia or Alzheimer effect the soul? Sure effects the brain.
    They believe their is awareness after death more over they believe in a greater awareness after death.

    Seems to me anyone who really believed that would find a way to sacrifice their life to save others just as fast as they could,
    being that suicide voids the ticket to the penthouse. That they aren't doing this in droves shows how little they really believe in a positive outcome to death.
    Most everything we do, we do to avoid facing the increasing closeness of the end.
  • I agree with what Jay said up there. But, there are a few options that haven't been mentioned. Since it's the same ending for all of us, we can choose to spend the time we have here in a variety of ways.

    I prefer to find entertainment that will pass the time having fun.
    I like sex, drugs, rock&roll, and whatever self-indulgent forms of those ingredients I can find.

    If I get allergies, I take the anti-histamines. The pills keep me from scratching those itches. I feel better.

    Being a type 1 diabetic, I do take my insulin religiously - the alternative isn't as much fun.

    I agree that if I believed that there was something beyond this life, I'd find a quicker way to get to the 'Promised Land.' But, the bird is in the hand. I'm living now. I'm not in any hurry to get to the next stage of whatever this is.

    What the Bible or the other holy books say is just what some men have thought about. There are some interesting stories in the holy books. But, I'm not betting my life on God having dictated the words into those printed documents. The Devil is who made the hypocritical, political, Popes do all the rewriting. They were holy, but, the Devil still gets his way too. What a bunch of crap!

    But, as I get older, I start looking at the exits on this freeway. If I had the option, I would like to choose from the list. The thing is, I never chose to be born. I don't think I'll be choosing to die either. All this stuff just happens. You don't have anything to do with it.
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