Went to the maker's fair

I went to this year's local Regional Maker's Faire...http://makerfairefortwayne.com/about/ which is really about people working in technical trades who abuse their area of expertise for personal amusement, and saw some interesting things. I'll put up some pictures later once i've sifted through them, but among the items that caught my eye were....the bicycle featured in the video at the above link, .....a guy who takes turbo chargers, custom fabs a combustion chamber that connects the the discharge of the input turbine to the intake of the exhaust turbine where the end result comprises a 90,000 rpm jet engine that push go carts up to 50 miles per hour. ... 100 watt LED's, just because they are so danged bright.....and a guy making radio control hand launch gliders where the sum total of the control mechanism will fit into the cap of a sharpie pen.

Also amazing, for entirely different reasons, were the droves of hucksters all trying to sell their versions of 3D printers, in true 'medicine show' format. I guess that tech has ripened to the point that it is about to become the kirby vacuum sweeper of the third millenium?


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