Windows 7, inside out

Bought this reference in hard cover for 25 cents at my local library's liquidation counter.

It's fairly thorough, has everything that Woody Leonard's book had, and more. This is good because I was ready to go out and buy a win 7 book, retail. Saved some coin.

This book has tons of stuff about using the powershell with scripting, the windows recovery environment, and use of the sysinternals suite. I think I'm set. lookdown.gif


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    Looks like you've found a new goldmine for cheap books. smile.gif

    My local library is under a massive renovation. I wonder if they have something similar.
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  • According to the book, which is endorsed by Microsoft, a restore point is created upon every successful boot. It is, however, a limited restore point, using only certain registry keys, and particular system settings.

    I truly am amazed at all the "advanced file management" functions that were built new into Win7. More than I could possibly ever remember, or even need.

    But then I'm kinda old school. Even "Librarys" appear to be overkill in a "bells and whistles" sort of way.

    I still go in through 'My Computer>C:\DirectoryName' to manage pictures and music. giggle.gif
  • TheEnlightenedWon said:

    I still go in through 'My Computer>C:\DirectoryName' to manage pictures and music.

    I use a third party file manager...

  • genoski said:

    I use a third party file manager...

    Just this past weekend I started playing around with Windows Live Photo Gallery. And I noticed something odd. For photos I had actually shot myself with a digital camera and uploaded through the laptop, the "date taken" data was correctly listed.

    But for pictures I had taken off the internet, or even pictures I shot years ago and had hosted at photobucket, only to import to the lappy recently, the listed "date taken" is the computer's file date.

    I guess this is a 'meta data' issue?

    Where it became odd is that I have a lot of scans of historic maps, say from the 1860's 1910's etc etc, and even some historic aerial photos of my local area that were shot back in the 1930's. But the photoviewer was listing the date taken as the date the media was made digital.

    Now on my computer, these various maps and photos are kept in distinct directories, based upon how I came about them. (which is how I would go looking for them If I needed to copy them. But this Windows Live gadget was regrouping them based upon the (often erroneous) "date taken" meta tag.

    So, I got busy and used the windows live app's ability to edit meta data, and changed the "date taken" info to more accurately reflect the vintage of the subject matter. And I gotta admit, the "time line" format that results makes for an interesting way to look through these.

    And as just about all the official sources warn you about this feature. the time required to come up to date with tagging back catalog collections, is staggering.
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