Should women be allowed to vote?

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Scientific studies have shown that women make their decisions based on emotion and feelings, while men make their decisions based on logic and reasoning. For any sane, reasonable person, that's all they should need to hear and it should be case closed. Incredibly, it's not.

These findings are reflected in polls which show that, surprise surprise, women are far more likely than men to be in support of things that appeal to emotion and feelings. Think all things entitlement like "free" money and health care and cell phones and housing, "equality", the mentality that government is the only solution to all problems, restrictions on gun ownership and use, banning prostitution, I doubt you don't get the point. The result of pushing for these shitty policies that require that you abandon all logic and reason to think are a good idea? Just look around you.

Think about it, when we let women open their yaps around election time, what's the first thing they want to talk about? Abortion, ad nauseam. There are so many real problems in this world, and the only thing they care about is being able to murder that unborn child they changed their mind about like women are always doing? Are you shitting me? Oh and they also want to make other people who aren't involved (hard working men) pay for the operation on top of that? Give me a break.

Ask yourself, do you really want some dumb bitch who, some how feels she has the right to not work yet still should get full pay and benefits for over a year after getting herself knocked up and who also wants equal pay for "equal work" despite everyone knowing deep down that the "equal work" part is bullshit and all men are terrible fathers and only moms should get full custody and you should just take it like a man if you're being physically abused by a woman but if you should dare so much as "emotionally abuse" a woman by scolding her for being out of line then you should be thrown in jail and just because she's got a pair of tits she's above any sort of consequence whatsoever including being fired or not promoted and is entitled to millions of dollars in reparations if that happens, having the power to influence governmental policy and be able to have legal immunity and power to pussy whip every single man in this country without them having any recourse whatsoever? Is that really what you want? Well as long as women are allowed to vote that's what you've got and then some.

Despite strong evidence telling us it would be a failure before we even tried it, we unwisely gave these women the opportunity to prove themselves worthy of doing more than procreating, cooking, and vacuuming the carpet and cleaning the bathroom, and they fail miserably and thank us and show us how grateful they are to us by shitting all over us.

They forget that without men, they'd be absolutely nowhere. They wouldn't have no job and wouldn't get paid, because men run the successful business world, not women. They would have no house, they would have no car, they would have no children, they would have no credit cards.

Ban them from voting, and ban them from holding public office, although that probably won't be required if you just ban them from voting. Watch as so many of our problems "inexplicably" start to go away.

Well, sorry for the long post but I hope you find it insightful and I am interested in hearing your thoughts. This looks like a nice forum.


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