Online paid PC tech support

Look at this over at :

Typical arrogant childish bullshit. The first "expert" (Mike Douglas) obviously didn't have a clue, and decided that "if you really knew what you were doing, you would naturally want to do your task MY way instead" I mean the poor guy who asked the original question was clear enough about what he wanted. He wanted a fucking product manual. ANd these bastards try to charge him $30+ to stroke their own egos?

Don't you just want to pull down your pants and rub the crack of your ass all over the face of these dipshits that try to be sly and answer your questions in some other way than you asked in the first place? I do. EVERY DAMN TIME, in fact!!proud.gif


  • LOL. I've seen some pretty awful help online. I went to one of those "Ask A Lawyer" websites one time for some legal advice pertaining to my martial arts business. Same idea: Post a question, they answer it, then they get paid if you're happy with the answer.

    The answer was basically vague, and ended with the usual CYA drivel that you get from lawyers: "This does not constitute legal advice. You should consult a local lawyer who understands your laws specifically." F'in useless.

    My personal favourites right now (the posts that make me want to start rubbing my crack in peoples faces) are some of the questions and answers you find on sites like StackOverflow.

    (FYI: StackOverflow is a free Q&A site for software developers and arguably it's the best.)

    However, they need to have some sort of law to keep the friggin east Indians out. I can't fucking stand how they butcher the English language, or how damn lazy they are. It would be "politically incorrect" if StackOverflow were for English speaking people only but for fak sakes I need to be able to read the shit that I'm looking at.

    I could find examples easily but usually you see something like this:

    "I'm try to get database ? but no work. im use vertion 5.5 plz help thanks"

    OR THIS:

    "i need to code program to download vidoes for me.. please write solution below. thanks in advance?"

    Spit on your hand and stroke my cock at a medium pace.
  • TechGuy said:

    (FYI: StackOverflow is a free Q&A site for software developers and arguably it's the best.)

    The StackExchange family/formula is pretty great. Not perfect (is anything?), but it's the best the internet has seen yet I think.

    The worst? I'd say it's a tie between Yahoo Answers and Probably the two worst websites on the internet period actually. yuck.gif
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