Tried on a pair of boxer briefs for the first time ever tonight...



  • TechGuy said:

    LOL! tongue.gif

    True story: I met a 30+ year old virgin for coffee.

    Was she also "larger"? giggle.gif (Or is that not the reason my comment made you think of her.)
    TechGuy said:

    I could tell early on that something wasn't right with her. I dumped her (nicely in this case because she wasn't a bad person). In any event, she sends me text messages every so often because she's dating a new guy and still likes to chat. Every single one of my text message replies to her opens with: "Have you fucked him yet?"

    (FYI: She STILL hasn't had sex.) This woman is actually paranoid about sex. Unreal. gasp.gif

    Is she paranoid about sex, or just waiting for marriage?
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    Also, I just noticed... look at how many views this thread has. gasp.gif
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