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    Actually, the Start Screen is still there and will not be going away, thankfully. I found that I much prefer the Start Screen over the Start Menu for the way in which I use my computers. I like being able to see everything I care about at a quick glance. The Start Menu tends to bury things in a way that I do not find very helpful.

    That said, I have no issue with using a Start Menu but, since Windows 8, I have become very proficient with using the search to open a program. I now tend to use that more often in Windows 7 and Windows Vista that I did before.

    Edit: As far as overclocking that i3, it is not unlocked so you can only go so far with it. Personally, I would get a i5-2500k or 2600k as an upgrade instead if you can find one somewhat cheaply.
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  • Oh, I see, you have the older i7 920 compatible board. Still, a quad core in that family of processors would run really well as an upgrade. Of course, you would need to find one cheaply to make it worth while.
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  • The more things change, the more they stay the same
  • Well, I am going to install it in dual boot mode on my home computer sometime this week. I would like to see how it works straight up.
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  • I dual booted Vista and Windows 8 on my lappy.. to check out Windows 8, need to get up to speed on it because a non tech savvy friend got a laptop for Christmas last year with 8 on it and He's one of the guys who calls me every few weeks because he screwed up his computer.

    I never use the 8

    Hell, I never use the lappy
  • Well, at work it will not boot correctly unless I make Windows 8.1 the default boot device. (UEFI Firmware problem I believe.) Since it is pre beta, it does have a lot of bugs but seems ok. The one weakness of the Start Menu is still there in that a program can steal focus from it and close it even though I did not want it to. (Start Screen does not have that problem.)

    Essentially, I setup the icons on the taskbar and placed my used Modern Apps on the side on the start menu and that is it. I rarely used the start menu and never really have. (Always created a button bar, even with Windows 3.1 and the Amiga.) At home, it is ok but I doubt I would get much use out of it in it's current form. Things like Virtual Super Resolution do not work in it but do work in Windows 8.1. Well, it is a pre beta OS to report bugs on and I do enjoy trying things out. :D
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  • I do not mind doing bug testing and it will help make the final product better. However, at least at home, it was to unstable to be of any real use. AMD VSR did not work, the facebook app would freeze, Internet Explorer would constantly crash and the start button does not always work. Also, I need the start screen for home so I can see what is going on with weather, email and facebook at a glance.

    The desktop does not have the features and functions that the Start Screen does. The desktop is just a blank slate with no feedback.
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  • Turns out I am going to have to build a PC soon for my son as he needs a more powerful PC to run AutoCAD and Revit which are the software that he will be using on the PC (aside from playing games LOL). Did my research and aside from faster processors, bigger hard drives and maybe more efficient video cards, things haven't changed that much since I last built a PC more than 5 years ago... RAM is still DDR3 which is what I have on my five plus year old PC. Interfaces to HDDs are still SATA and USB3. The interface to video cards is more or less the same. Things move slowly on the PC / Laptop world compared to phones and devices. I guess this is the reason sales of PCs (and laptops) have stagnated.

    I will still be installing Windows 7 on this new PC... Windows 10 is not ready until October 2015 according to an article I stumbled upon.
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  • So this Windows 10 is free if your upgrading from 7 or 8.1
  • I'm prolly due for a new build myself, but my computer is so freakin sweet there's really no reason too
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    It is only a free upgrade for the first year after release. After that, you would have to buy it. Been using the most recent build a bit more and at first, I had issues and a slightly negative reaction. However, after I figured out a few things, I am liking it more and more. Oh, and I am upgrading my work computer from 16GB to 32GB of ram. :D
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  • Between all the browsers, multiple things happening at the same time and 5 virtualbox machines running, I use 12GB of my 16GB available. I figure, since I got the ram so cheap, I can increase each Virtualbox machine to 3GB or so and still have plenty of ram for other stuff.
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