you guys still hanging around?



  • Cngevpxhaqrefpber said:

    Hahaha. bigsmile.gif You shoulda chased it and scared the crap out of it to show it who's boss. wink.gif

    There are quite a few turkeys in this conversation area I've been hiking in recently, but I haven't seen them around the past few months. I've encountered them several times. Usually they run away. Sometimes they get startled because I can't see them in the long grass until I'm almost beside them. They're definitely not pleasant to be around lol. bigsmile.gif
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  • Cngevpxhaqrefpber said:

    Well it turned out she was actually a hardcore Christian/religious person. From the beginning I knew she was a Christian and I was perfectly fine with that. But then... everything good is God, everything bad is the Devil (who "works hard" to influence people), talk of destiny and possibly being meant to be brought together by God despite us only knowing each other for a few weeks... that kinda stuff.

    Plus, she's almost in her mid-20s and still lets her mom control her / attempt to control her to a major degree. At first I thought it was kinda cute, but then I quickly realized how bad it really was. It was a little surreal actually, it felt like we were 10 or something. giggle.gif

    Sorry to hear that. yuck.gif

    I dated one girl that believed in scientology. OMG was she stupid. (That was more fling than relationship because she had a rockin' body.) I dated another girl that was deeply religious. Total nutjob. She basically disagreed with anything and everything science-related (which is my career essentially). Holy crap was she brain dead. You need to weed out the flakes early. smile.gif
    Spit on your hand and stroke my cock at a medium pace.
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