Anyone get any this year?

The other day I got a little stash of the "good stuff"; 3 multi-shot cakes, a fountain, a 6 pack of roman candles, and some firecrackers (both the individual ones and the packs where you light one fuse and about 8-16 go off). sun.gif Paid about $130 in total.

Depending on how much I enjoy setting them off (and I undoubtedly will - the question is will I be inclined to drop more money afterwards), I may go back after the 4th to get some more, as long as they're selling them at a good discount. smile.gif


  • They were soooo awesome. sun.gif Better than I was expecting actually. I shoulda bought more! I went back the next day and they were basically all cleared out, although I did pick up some boxes of souped-up throwdown snappers (nearly as loud as actual firecrackers gasp.gif) and a little mini mortar/shell set for only about $15 total. Got a couple packs of those snake pellets too, haven't lit one of those in ages.
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