Where's iggy and Geno?!

Seriously, it's been like 3 weeks for Geno and even longer for iggy I think.


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  • Well, I thought I'd say hello since AG has gone away again. I think we've all established with whom we get along. Anyway, my wife just received a gift of a 2005 Prius with 234K miles because we've been feeding Valerie's dogs when she goes on vacation or climbs some mountain. So she's repaid our neighborishness by just giving us her old car. She bought a Subaru Crosstrek and wouldn't get very much in trade. We told her we'd give her what they offered in trade. We took it in for a smog check and he couldn't do it. Apparently there's no way to keep the motor running or get it to idle below 1000rpm. So he said tell DMV to call if they have questions. They didn't have any questions. It does need a quart of oil every 500 miles or so. I'm a member of Priuschat forums and will be reading a lot about Atkinson cycle engine, VVT, offset crankshaft, 3 cycle AC motors, and lots of that kind of tech. This car gets around 46 MPG overall. If I can learn enough to keep it maintained, we'll use it. It's really quiet when you get in hit the start button and put it in gear. The engine starts eventually if the battery needs a charge. Weird stuff!
    That's the latest from this side of the Mississippi. I'll stay around and read the threads. It's been a while. I've been weed whacking the Yellow Star Thistle every day for a week or so. It gets hot by 10AM. The dog likes the longer walks. But, I don't like the longer time in the Sun. Back when I have more to say.
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  • Well, we bring in the lemon tree that's in a very large pot for the Winter freezes. We put some Christmas ornaments on it. We don't exchange gifts anymore because we just buy the stuff when we find out it's needed. We certainly don't go to church or the Kiwanis for dinner. So, I'm not sure if we celebrate it or not. Same goes for New Years.

    Mimi is the oldest of three sisters with whom Nikolai lived while attending College.

    Emmy is Nikolai's girlfriend. She lives relatively close to us. This was a major reason for Nik quitting that job.
    I hope he doesn't just take it too easy and not take the next steps. Graduate school would work. But, you havta get into the school, get the grants, etc.

    Emmy will still need a year to finish Community College. She then has plans to study film making at a 4 year school - like San Fran State. It will be hard for them to live in an apartment, work, and attend college full time - to get the grants.

    They might have to stay in dorms or have room-mates for the next few years. It's really tough to make real plans without money.

    The serpentine belt on the Alltrac was pretty old and beat-up. It wasn't the load because we made it home without any overheating once the belt was replaced. Check your belts every few years.

    The Prius battery was warrantied for 150K miles and it needed replacement at 149K. The new one has about 100K miles on it. So, I'm hoping it will stay together for a few years. Apparently one doesn't have to replace the whole battery when it fails. Usually a few cells out of the 28 total stop holding a charge. That's what the replenishers do for the $1000. I think I can find the cells for $10 each and just do it myself. We'll come to that bridge in a while. It accelerates fine. It's better than either the 91 Alltrac or the 94 Geo Prizm. They both have a 1.6L 4 cylinder motor and both get around 30 MPG. They both are stick and the Prizm has a bit more zip off the line. But none of these cars have good 0-60 times. They are built for gas mileage.

    We've tried vinegar, salt water, and commercial things like Weed-B-Gone. The only thing that stops it is pulling it out by the roots. If any part remains in the ground, it's back next year. It's well known around here and is a constant source of conversation. Round-up will work but it messes up the rest of the forest and the fish in the river. It's really toxic stuff. Monsanto isn't our best friend and they say it just disappears in a few days. The trout in the Merced River don't agree. The agro business is after money - like most private corporations. The side affects just are part of the cost of doing business.
  • Yeah, Monsanto is really about helping the agro business. They do make their stock holders happy - so I guess they're doing what they've set out to do.
    Cargill is another helper of the common farmer. The genetically modified corn has affected lots of farmers in a very financially beneficial way to whom?
    1.Monsanto - because the corn doesn't die from Round-up
    2. Cargill - because the seeds produced by their corn will not spawn another plant, so you have to buy more seeds every year.
    They've developed kind of a monopoly if you ask me. Corporations who develop a monopoly don't have to worry about competition - the point of having a free market economy.
  • I'm old.. truth be told I completely forgot about this place...
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  • People who are not very sure of themselves tend to get bent reading the works of those who are.
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  • I Moved... then was unpacking.. got some free time now.
  • There was only 5 acres and most of it was flora... I have tons of boxes still unpacked. Fact is when I moved there were at least 20 boxes from my 2000 moved into the old house. They were stored in the Sunroom which after the roof leak became the rainroom and ultimately got wet and destroyed. Lost all my paperback books, complete collections of various magazines, many old computers and software... a real tragedy.
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