Holy crap! They shut down CPU Forums!

I can't believe it.


  • Well that sucks, the CPU ship is sinking fast
  • Yeah, no more columnists, it has basically become an advertisement for new products. Nowhere near how enjoyable when Samit was running the show.
  • BTW Cng, why not just use Patrick now?
  • You know what's really weird? Chris Trumble posted a topic on the forums not even a day before the forums went down. He mentioned they'd be making changes to the website, some that we'd notice right away, and others we wouldn't notice until the beginning of next year.

    However, there was no warning or mention of the forums being shut down.

    At first, when I couldn't access the forums, I just figured they brought them down because A) they were upgrading the forum software or B) during site maintenance they decided to forbid access to the forums temporarily.

    So when I got that e-mail saying they were "discontinued" I was like "oh shnap!"

    I wonder if we all sent CPU an e-mail they'd consider bringing the forums back up, maybe just keeping them "hidden" so that they weren't mentioned or linked to on the site but if we accessed the URL directly we could still use them.
  • They can't do that. I had a lot of posts!
  • Cng, it was more like five hours before the forums were shut down - I remember browsing them during Chemistry in the morning and seeing that topic and by dinner I was getting 404'ed.

    I'd have to agree with Genoski - it was pretty clear that Sandhills didn't really care about the forums at all.
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  • Interesting eh? The editor of the magazine didn't know what was going on. Maybe that is the whole problem with where CPU has ended up. Mr Trumble doesn't have a clue.
  • Hi guys,
    I got a message from Cng and found out that the old forum has been scrapped. Maybe it's the way we get to notice the things we take for granted. It sounds like the forum was getting a bit old and in some kind of rut, too. I have missed you guys and did, on occasion, go and read what was happenin at CPU. Maybe it's time to get the group back together and see if there are any subjects we can discuss without the ad hominem answers.
    1. I'm still fixing cars. I've got a 91 Golf that sputters under load. I've changed most of the sensors, the fuel pressure regulator, and still haven't been able to get it to stop the sputter. It starts and idles OK.
    2. Another thing is my Samsung flat screen with the bad Chinese capacitors. I would have to bash it a few times to get it to display a full picture. After replacing most of the 'bad' caps, I still get lines in the shape of rectangles across the screen. I'm guessing it's still some ripple in the power supply. But...
    3. I'm now arguing daily with my 16 year old son Sabuk. He's finding high school a bit of a pain. We home schooled him until he decided he wanted to meet people his age. So he was a freshman last year. He did well. He was in the marching band. They made him play bells (like a glockenspiel) because he could actually read music. But, he didn't have the chops needed to play with sticks. He plays piano with his fingers. It turned out that band was much more about having the same color socks and having the bells horizontal - kinda like a cigarette girl carried in the 50's - instead of the music. So this year he's taking Art to get some recognition for his own accomplishments instead of winning the 2nd place trophy in some band contest.
    I'm not sure how long-winded I'm allowed to be. So I'm stopping now. There's more, if subjects are wanted. iggy8n
  • It's not a diesel. I've read suggestions for me to use only super gas. But, I don't really get why. I got this car from 100 miles away. My other son - Nikolai - is living in the Bay Area, going to San Fran State college. So one of the girls in the family from whom he rents a room is getting old enough to drive and bought the Golf from Craig's list because it was red. They couldn't shift it into first gear. They have triple A which will tow a car up to 150 miles 3 times a year. So they called me and said it's coming. Fix it.
    VW has a fastener on the transmission that requires an 18mm hex wrench if you want to remove the trans fluid. That cost about $25 on Ebay. The shift linkage has a delrin ball and other parts that just wear out. That cost about $130. The CVCC half-shafts are bolted together using a 12 point torx head bolt. I think there are 6 or 8 per side. You just don't have these kinds of tools if you're a shade tree mechanic and work on Hondas, Toyotas, and Chevys. The VW company makes it very difficult for you to work on the car. They suggest taking in to the dealer to change the oil.
    I have learned a lot about this car. I have bought it from them in order to save them from having to keep fixing these expensive parts. It does have 100 hp and feels like a sports car if you can get it running right. It has Digifant1 fuel injection which uses fuzzy logic which adapts the injector fuel to match the load, temp, rpm, battery voltage, temp, O2 sensor, etc. It's difficult to fix a system like this that adapts as you adjust something.
    I'm 64 and retired. I have enough time to putz around and read the web. The car does run a lot better. I had water in the oil. So I replaced the head gasket. I've replaced the CVCC shafts and shift linkage. It will be a good running car for my 16 year old since I've acquired about $200 worth of very specific tools to go with this car. I'd not recommend this car to the casual user unless he knows someone at a VW dealer who can work on it on weekends. Is this a rant?
  • Hey Iggy8n, nice to see you back here... Sometimes I think the reason car manufacturers keep making things more and more complicated is so they can lock in their customers to expensive repairs that can only be done at the dealership from the time the car is bought until it is ready for the junk shop.
  • Hi Cyclo,
    I'm glad to be back. It's good to hear from you again. I was always impressed by your mode of commute. Yeah, VW wants to feed their dealerships. But, I'm just gonna find all those tools and let the locals know that they are available. I'm actually learning a bit about how to tune these things. Maybe I'll open a VW dealership. They really are considerably more difficult to work on than Japanese cars. I don't know that for sure. I haven't worked on the newer Japanese ones with all the software, sensors, and hybrid electric motors yet. I'd love to work on a Prius. I expect it'll happen eventually. There are lots of them on the road out here in California. Some have dents and scratchy paint already. I'll get a used one in time...
  • At least they responded to you. They did not respond to my email.
    I guess we just became dead weight.
  • 'tis was a good run though.

    I can't think of many websites that I visit that lasted eight years.
  • Ars... I was big time on Ars before migrating to CPU
  • Face it, everyone started on AOL...

    I was a Guidepager, just to get free AOL. Before that I hung out in AOL free area's like Members Helping Members.
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    Not sure I like this.....
  • Who's the moderator? What is there that would be edited? Are there ground rules that I signed to keep up when I joined?
    What's this all about?
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