A few pics of Fall taken recently



  • Ooh, very pretty. sun.gif

    Was that first one taken from the quad, or are you on a bridge?
  • I wish I could have taken footage with the quad but all the pics were taken with a camera... My son took the heli pics while I was flying them. The quad needs more time and preparation... You have to fly multiple times in a spot to get enough footage you can then piece these together so more time doing post editing too. Also my quad is getting a bit long in the tooth. The ones you can buy off the shelf right now have the gimbal mount for the camera that makes for a more stable footage.

    A few more pics:

  • Gorgeous. sun.gif

    Also, FUDGE! Typed up a whole post and lost it. yuck.gif Let's try this again... lookdown.gif

    I bought my first quad today! I went with the Syma X5C, which seems to be one of the most popular and well regarded inexpensive beginner models (from my research today at least bigsmile.gif). I looked back and saw you recommended the Blade Nano QX for beginners, but I wanted something a little cheaper to start out with (the X5C is half the price) and also something that was a little bigger since I really wanna fly this outside. Also, the X5C comes with a camera which'll probably be fun to use every once in a while even though the quality isn't all that great.


    I just wish it came in black. I guess I can sharpie it? giggle.gif

    So with the quad, 5 spare LiPos (that are higher quality, higher capacity, and have more "punch" than the one that comes with it), a decent charger, and a pack of spare blades, I'm in it right at $100. Everything should hopefully be here by the end of next week. smile.gif

    Got any tips for an absolute beginner? BTW, I plan on only charging the LiPos outside, I might even keep them stored outside too...
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    Sweet... Congrats on the new quad! I am assuming it came with a charger... The Blade nano quad I bought for indoor use had a USB stick charger. You plug the USB charger to a PC then you plug the small 1 cell lipo inside the charger.

    I did a quick search and it appears the Syma also uses 1 cell lipos. If you get a bigger charger, you can buy a parallel charging adapter like this:


    Or a 1 cell squid cable like this:


    The more powerful chargers like those being sold at Hobbyking can charge 1 cell to 6 cell lipos individually or in parallel as show in the pics above. Chaging in parallel can save a lot of time. As you probably already are aware of, you should always keep an eye on the lipos while these are being charged. I would place them in a ceramic container while charging them or inside a flower pot or on top of ceramic tiles.

    Maybe you will graduate to flying helis too after you had your fill with the Syma. smile.gif
  • We had an amazing summer / fall up here. It's into December now and we're still getting temperatures well above 0c. Awesome! bigsmile.gif
    Spit on your hand and stroke my cock at a medium pace.
  • Whelp, I was trying to reverse the connectors on the batteries I bought, because they didn't come in the right "orientation" for the Syma. Everyone online said it was "super easy". Well, I got the plastic molex connector off and then all of a sudden the damn metal connectors started sparking, smoking slightly, and got bright red! gasp.gifyuck.gif

    I quick took it outside, but fortunately the heat seemed to have "disconnected" the short within a couple seconds of it occurring. The battery pack didn't swell or anything like that, but ever since then I've been terrified of the batteries and haven't touched them or the Syma. lookdown.gif
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