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  • It's almost here! The final, official release of Win10 will be available at the end of the month. Anyone else gotten that "Get Windows 10" icon in their system tray and reserved their free upgrade?

    I got the icon a couple weeks ago but I haven't reserved my free upgrade yet. I'm still trying to decide whether I want to do a hardware upgrade beforehand, just because I'm not sure how it'll work if I change my hardware afterwards... I know that you can change everything but the motherboard and Windows will consider it the same computer, but of course a full hardware upgrade would mean a new motherboard, which might then mean I'd have to spend the ~$100 or whatever it is on a new license. gasp.gif (No thanks.)

    I think Microsoft was somewhat lenient with XP (I think I may have changed my motherboard and still been able to use the same key after calling in to their automated system - but I could be wrong, and I also forget if I had a retail or OEM copy) but I don't know if they will be with 10.

    Really the only thing I feel I "need" to upgrade is my HDD (to an SSD) and my RAM (could use about 2GB more or so) though, so...
  • You will be fine. I am on build 10240 which is RTM and it is running very well. I upgraded my Windows 8.1 Pro to build 10147, 10159, 10162 to 10166. I then installed build 10240 and the preview watermark is gone. All this on a 4k monitor at home, Surface Pro and 2 monitor system at work.
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  • 4K monitor? Nice! Is it a TV or an actual computer monitor?
    ManofGod said:

    You will be fine.

    Yeah, I know my current system can handle 10, it'll probably be faster actually (if what everyone says about 8 being faster, and 10 being faster, is true), I just don't want to decide to upgrade my whole system for other reasons in a year or two and have to pay the additional moolah for a new license because Microsoft recognizes I have a new system and doesn't let me use my existing free-upgrade license because of it.

    Maybe if it's not a fresh install and I just put the old drive in the new system (old drive either being my current HDD, or an SSD I eventually upgrade to before upgrading the rest of my system) it won't matter? lookdown.gif
  • If you have a retail copy, then Windows 10 becomes a retail copy. If you have a Dell OEM machine, the license stays with that machine just like it always would.
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